Day 12 ‘Live art in the Mart’ – LITERATURE ALIVE at Prahran Market



Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and it was a beautiful day at Prahran Market.

There were children doing drawing and doing writing workshops on long white trestle tables with the assistance of Kevin Burgemeestre and Mandy Cooper. There were more little children getting their faces painted. It was a very festive atmosphere.

Proceedings kicked off with a little girl called Natasha reading out aloud her story. She took that microphone and went for it. A natural talent, I believe.

Kevin then showed the children some of his illustrations and artwork and how he goes about writing a children’s picture book. Kevin had two dioramas on display from his book ‘B for Bravo.’





Heather Gallagher read her story ‘The Plug Hole’ which the children just loved. 



I then read my latest book ‘Kick it to Me!’ 





‘Kick it to Me!’ is published by One Day Hill

They publish culturally significant Australian stories. An awesome independent publisher.

Nadine recited her picture book ‘Roar’ and there were plenty of roars in response (this is us roaring!)



Nadine also read to us her delightful story ‘Nan’s Umbrella’. She had a few tricky questions for the children afterwards, which they were able to answer with no problems at all (they were definitely listening).



Kevin and Mandy launched into their chosen story time books and the kids rolled around on the hay bales and beanbags, having a ball. Both Kevin and Mandy are master storytellers; excited little people invaded their personal space on more than one occasion. Kevin and Mandy were a big hit. Mandy also has the most beautiful singing voice; she’s missed her vocation!

 Heather read a chapter from her new book ‘Ferret on the Loose’ just recently published by New Frontier. It was hilarious.


‘Ferret on the Loose’ by Heather Gallagher is a Little Rocket from New Frontier publishing. It’s for 7+ readers and is available at any good bookstore. There’s a rocket to make in the back of the book. That’s pretty cool!

All in all, it was a perfect day at Prahran Market.



(Thank you to my biggest fan, the wonderful Toby)

I felt quite sad when it was time to say goodbye to Nadine, Heather and Helen, and Kevin and Mandy. As Maurice Saxby Mentees, we have had the most amazing two weeks. But as Helen kindly reminded us, it’s not the end; it’s just the beginning of our friendship.

Nadine, Heather and I (and Laura who is overseas) are already planning our next catch up!

A big thank you must go to Helen Chamberlin for looking after us and guiding us through our work and to Pam Horsey from C.L.A.N who has done a wonderful job planning and organising everything. A big thank you must also go to N.E.E.F and to Stonnington Council.



  • Lynette Bade

    Sounds like a wonderful event for children. I didn't know about it. Was it well advertised?
    May 28, 2013 at 05:13 am Reply
    • A little Birdy told me...

      I think it could do with a bit more advertising. I believe a story was going to run in the Stonnington Leader but it never went to print. A shame really. Anyway, I believe they're going to do more next year to promote Literature Alive :-)
      May 28, 2013 at 05:55 pm Reply
  • Tracey B

    Sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful time Neridah. Thanks for sharing about your days, I have really enjoyed reading your entries. A happy little moment for me to enjoy the world of writing. :)
    May 28, 2013 at 05:51 pm Reply
    • A little Birdy told me...

      Hi Tracey, thank you. You've got all this to look forward to next year. I would have loved to have been your fellow mentee, so we have to keep in touch so I can re-live it all next year. Hope you're well x
      May 28, 2013 at 05:45 pm Reply
  • Nadine Cranenburgh

    Wow. Awesome blog journal! It's been fab sharing the journey with you. Looking forward to coming to lots of your readings and book launches in the future, I love the way you take important historical stories and make them accessible to young readers. And it would be great to see more of your illustration as it develops, so you better keep up the super blog. Let's catch up soon. x Nadine
    June 03, 2013 at 06:07 am Reply

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